Supported projects

Name of the applicant organization Project title
Hungarian Civil Liberties Union Állj ki magadért, mi kiállunk érted! - Ellenállni csak közösségben lehet
Association for the Villages of Zala County At Home in Zala, in Europe - Women and young people in public life, in local communities
Tandem Theatre Theater for youth in solidarity
Táliber Community Development Foundation Go free! - empowerment, community building, networking for the youth of Békéscsaba
Szegedi Focus Műhely Foundation Together for the future of education Foundation Raising awareness of European rights and their violations among the population of the Southern Great Plain
Periphery Association Every person counts! - Community engagement and networking of homeless people in a community of solidarity
Hajdúszoboszlói Porszem Riding Association Jelentkezés képzésre
IT Foundation for the Visually Impaired The RIGHT Interest - Endorsing EU accessibility rights of the disabled in the internet world
People of Diósd for Diósd Association Wake up Diósd!
Digi Tanoda Foundation Together for digital security
Dialogue for Communities Public Benefit Association Our Common Cause - Strengthening civic and community activism in Miskolc
BAGázs Public Benefit Organisation Chance! – Joint initiatives against Roma discrimination
8K Foundation Youth Festival 2023-2024
Tilos Cultural Foundation 'Ókontri' - capacity building, community building and network development in rural towns
Trade Union of Hungarian Social Workers Protecting workers’ rights and human dignity in the social sector
Rosa Parks Foundation Pupils with special educational needs of Roma origin in education
Polgar Foundation for Equity Coalition for equality in education
Menedék - Hungarian Association for Migrants Together for fact-based and credible social communication
Hungarian Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Alliance We are Here and will be here!
Human Platform Association Advocacy and networking in education
Háttér Society “Stand up for your Rights, Stand up for your Community!” Advocating for the fundamental rights of LGBTQI+ people through strategic litigation and awareness raising
Ferencváros Community Foundation Give the community a voice - A national partnership of independent local support organisations
Foundation for Democratic Youth We are in the same boat - Community discussion clubs for democracy
Átlátszónet Foundation Strengthening civil society representation in the permitting and monitoring process for energy battery factories and industrial investments
Emma Association "Our choice" - creating a network of female community companions in disadvantaged Roma communities
Hungarian society for Early Childhood Education Let's Talk, Let's Act - Social consultation and assistance for the future of growing generations
Journalist's Association of Eger HumanBodyText the voice of groups excluded from the public sphere - Walkie-Talkie instead of megaphone
Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation Organisational, Roma network and Partnership Development in the Uccu Foundation
For each other- Together association for disabled people For an accessible public transport in the agglomeration!
Mosaic Foundation Autism? It is easier together!
Stream Foundation Europe - For us! Stream for Common Values. No freedom without free press.
Real Pearl Foundation For Conscious Choice
K-Monitor Public Benefit Association Monitoring Together - From data to story, from story to public affairs
From Street to Homes! Association Housing Now! Strengthening the Social Housing Agency
Foundation of the Fund for the Poor Eger Let's agree on our rights! Dialogue initiative in five municipalities
Environmental Management and Law Association Environmental law enforcement in Hungary
Somnakuno Drom Roma Women Civil Association Unity of Roma Women in Szabolcs
Hungarian Psychodrama Association KEEPING STRENGTH - Raising awareness and promoting the rights of Roma women in care systems. Strengthening the protection of mothers and children through sociodrama and other participatory methods.