Together for fact-based and credible social communication

Menedék - Hungarian Association for Migrants

CSOs cannot produce the quantity and quality of research material needed for their work on their own, by themselves or by purchasing market services. The aim of the initiative is to change this situation, so that CSOs involved in the advocacy, support and protection of the rights of discriminated and marginalised minority groups can form a network and produce and use social science research in a targeted way to plan their external and internal communication and to develop their tools.
The main elements of the model project are networking, research and communication. Participants will develop the research concept (data collection, analysis, exploitation) together. Workshops and planning meetings will be organised to disseminate the results of the research (and other previous material), in order to create a research and analysis workshop that will provide quality social science information to the collaborating CSOs. In the meantime, the number of networked CSOs wouls also constantly grow (networking).

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    2023. 09. 01.
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