Advocacy and networking in education

Human Platform Association

"The aim of the initiative is to improve the capacity of school users to assert their interests in public education which withered away in the past decade, and to bring about positive changes in the functioning of public education by restoring their autonomy. In the framework of the project, Human Platform will work on the development of the Teachers' Movement network through facilitation. By reaching out to teachers, students and parents across the country, the movement will support them through training, information exchange, awareness raising, the creation of school-based advocacy groups and networking to enable them to more effectively promote their interests in public education.

In the course of the project, a map of the current problems of public education will be drawn up with the participation of the teachers involved, and regular meetings will provide an opportunity to formulate joint strategies and action plans, and to discuss new ideas and problems that arose. Network participants will receive online and face-to-face training to develop their knowledge in progressive teaching methods, action organising, advocacy, organisational development, community organising and teacher mental health."

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    In partnership
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    2023. 08. 01.
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