We are in the same boat - Community discussion clubs for democracy

Foundation for Democratic Youth
Pest megye

In today's Hungarian school system democratic education is mostly formal, students have little or no opportunity to learn democratic skills and to participate genuinely, and they have little knowledge of their democratic rights.
The aim of the initiative is to empower young people to generate changes that strengthen democracy, i.e. to be able to identify and discuss the problems around them, to propose solutions and to engage in dialogue with each other, with stakeholders and with decision-makers.
The participants will be young people aged 11-30 from primary and secondary schools, universities, community spaces, schools, youth associations, and youth clubs in the capital and the countryside, and will be accompanied by teachers, mentors and support professionals. Participants will acquire organisational skills and learn about the basics of argumentation techniques, argumentation mistakes, different debate formats and DIA's proprietary VoxPop debate games to engage in balanced, dialogue-based debates. Community Debate Club events also serve as an important integrative platform for young people from different socio-economic backgrounds, promoting mutual understanding and acceptance, networking and, where appropriate, the opportunity to take a stand and play a role in a cause.
The networking of debating clubs and the creation of regional community debating centres has a long-term impact on shaping attitudes and promoting social acceptance. Information material on the methods used will be produced and made freely available to anyone interested in organising and managing local debating clubs.

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    2023. 07. 01.
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