Let's Talk, Let's Act - Social consultation and assistance for the future of growing generations

Hungarian society for Early Childhood Education
Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén megye

The objective of the initiative is to promote quality education and development of children aged 3-7 years, with a special focus on disadvantaged regions. An important element of the project is to review the Public Education Act: to launch dialogue on the revision of the legislation on children through professional forums and conferences, and to make proposals to the competent authorities for the necessary amendments. In parallel, professional methodological publications to support the institutions engaged in the intensive development of children in disadvantaged regions are produced.

An important tool of solving the challenges of public education is sensitisation through various programs, forums, publications and mentoring supporting the work of teachers, especially in kindergartens in disadvantaged regions of the country, their staff, as well as the attending Roma and non-Roma children and their families.