Environmental law enforcement in Hungary

Environmental Management and Law Association

The initiative aims to strengthen environmental democracy and protection at the local level. The project provides local communities affected by investments that threaten or damage the environment, as well as CSOs working on their behalf, access to environmental legal advice and representation on environmental issues of public interest. In a later phase of the project, stakeholders will be able to participate in environmental law training courses in the capital and in two countryside locations (Miskolc, Pécs).

Environmental law training will take place, and an online public database will be set up to publish current cases and their outcomes. An environmental law information and enforcement brochure will be produced in print and online to inform the public in an accessible way about current issues and possible solutions through the presentation of environmental and environmental law cases.
The initiative is part of the strategic monitoring of environmental democracy and, in parallel with the Hungarian government's country reports under the Aarhus Convention, shadow reports will be produced as a civil society version.

During implementation, the aim is to develop networking with relevant local communities and CSOs and to use the results for further action, training and advocacy.

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    2023. 07. 01.
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